I mean to post, and then I don’t. Sharing is strange because I used to share so much that I forget I don’t actually share that much anymore. I’ve had a couple of really good runs lately, which I’m incredible grateful for. Today, along with the rest of the world, I learned of David Bowie’s

Back into the groove

I started my year with 18 Days of Yoga from Brett Larkin. Though I’m not sure if I’ll make it the entire 18 days, it’s a nice focus for now. I’m going to visit mom on the 13th, and the nature of everything makes it challenging to stay on top of exercise, though she will

Second of January

We spent most of this morning working on the bathroom. We needed to recaulk the tub, which led to some serious cleaning, which led to some tossing of junk which led to laundry and the shower curtain rod falling when we tried to put the curtain back up. So, basically, a typical day in home

Live like a mighty river

Happy New Year! It’s an arbitrary fresh start. And, hey, I’m all for it. On Wednesday, after a 30 minute run dropped my phone battery from 85% to 12% my husband said we should buy me a new phone. And of course I didn’t argue. So I got the new 6s which is bigger and

A New Start

I decided to start a new blog.  Yes, I already have like three blogs.  And no, it doesn’t even have a fancy design or it’s own domain.  I thought maybe I would just start typing and see how it goes.  When I was writing for nanowrimo, I realized how much I missed blogging.  So here

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